How to Fund your Invention:
Do's and Don'ts to attract money.

The Profit Express: Fast-track your invention,
product or business growth!

Your Product, Service or Technology

Prototype to Product: How crowdfunding
is changing the way things are made

Leverage Your Hidden Assets:
The Power of Social Capital & Networking

Getting on DRTV:
By John Hurley

Lights, Camera, IP:
Intellectual Property in Popular Culture

What is it and can it help you?

The Inspiration of Youth:
A Presentation of The Next Big Ideas

Your Great Idea:
Are You Selling or Telling?

Lessons from a Shark Tank Survivor:
How to Build a Distinct Brand

Everything an inventor needs to know

The Questions and Realities

Who Cares? How to brand a product people want to buy

Facts, Myths and Best Practices

Writing a great patent:
Finding the inventive concept of your idea

Tips & Tricks:
On Launching your Invention or Business

From a Shark Tank survivor!

The Inventors Checklist